We are committed to uplift, serve, educate and provide spiritual environment to the less privileged children of the society, to deliver them as responsible citizens of India, living a decent, disciplined and honorable life, abiding by the laws of the country, to thereby be a part in its growth and development and strive for continual improvement and excellence in all spheres of activities through the whole hearted efforts.


To strive relentlessly with an aim to achieve excellence in all activities Rehoboth ventures into, with the objective of becoming an organization that all the inmates and stakeholders are proud of.


Our mission is to provide housing for the poor, for needy orphan and destitute children, providing for their physical, medical, spiritual needs and train them for some gainful occupation in life, to make them worthy citizens of India, irrespective of caste or crew. To develop a healthy as well as analytical attitude towards the development of mental, physical and moral uplift of the inmates and to train and equip them to be self-supporting in an honorable and decent way of life so as to develop into good, healthy and progressive citizens. To develop disciplinary conduct and a habit to observe the rule of law and self-restrain.